Small Town Famous podcast
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Meet the Hosts of Small Town Famous™ Podcast

Alan Nolte

Alan Nolte

Alan, co-creator and co-host of Small Town Famous™, is a small town native for most of his life (There was this one time, he spent 3 years in New Orleans). He is a successful business owner in our area of Southwest Arkansas.

Alan and TagAlan is a Baptist-believin', KJV-only, Bible-totin' Christian. He is a dedicated husband to Leslie and Daddy of 4 kids. And, he is a big believer in country livin'. He's a former preacher, current Sunday School teacher, end-time events (eschatology) "expert" and geo-politics geek. His "small town" worldview combined with study, travel, and life-experience have molded a unique, often eccentric, viewpoint that tends to result in interesting or "down-right" strange conversations on a variety of topics. Now, he has a passion to spread the word that people from small towns can do BIG things!

He has decided to share conversations that usually involve his best friends, Jordan (co-creator and co-host) and Jeffrey (guest co-host when he ain't working at the sawmill). Those conversations, interviews, and much more will be shared here, at and the Small Town Famous™ podcast.

Favorite quote: "Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes." - Jack Handey

Alan Nolte

BJ Kyle

B.J. or "Beej", as we like to call him, just recently came off the road as a professional musician and resettled in his hometown of McNeil, Arkansas. Currently, Beej is working in a local business while pursuing his passion of all things related to music and podcasting. Beej is the newest member of a newly launched podcast, Small Town Famous™, as co-host, producer, and engineer. He is continually developing his skills as a freelance Sound and Recording Engineer, as well as being along with being an active Mixing and Mastering consultant for various projects.

Beej plays keyboards, organ, banjo, acoustic guitar, mandolin and provides background vocals. He has performed with many artists. Most recently, he spent the past four years playing keyboards for Country Music star, Craig Morgan. Here's a list of other notable performances:
Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Luke Bryan, Justin Moore (local Arkansas boy, #smalltownfamous), Josh Thomson, Love and Theft, Travis Tritt
Big and Rich, David Lee Murphy (the man who gave him his "shot"!), Brett Eldridge, Montgomery Gentry.

Some of his tour experience: Jason Aldean's 2009 Wide Open Tour, Larry the Cable Guy's 2009 Tailgate Winter Tour, Josh Gracin and Mark Wills' 2010 Crazy White Boys Tour, Colt Ford (Beej provided instrumentals and vocals on Colt's albums: "Live Sewanee River Jam" and "Chicken & Biscuits.". He has appeared on Conan O’Brian, Fox and Friends, and numerous occasions on The Grand Ol' Opry.

Favorite Quote: "When things go wrong don't go with them."
-Elvis Presley

Jordan Hanson

Jordan Hanson

Jordan is a dedicated cop who was born, raised, & resides in a small town. He is passionate about the truth and takes pride in his devotion to "Protect & Serve."

Jordan is a Bible believing Child of God & eager to learn and serve in Christ's work. He loves his wife, his church, his crazy friends (especially Alan), & the Lord Jesus.

He grew up as the youngest of 3 brothers which has helped equip him with his quick wit and laid back personality (not to mention kindled his love for MMA). He enjoys the relaxing, quiet atmosphere of a small town and believes this to be the best environment to raise a family. He shares in the excitement of bringing small town people to light while introducing the Jordan & Alan comedy that keeps their families and friends laughing.

Favorite Quote: "Laughing makes life not suck"
-Jordan Hanson

Jeffery Rogers

Jeffery Rogers

Jeffery Rogers proudly hails from the small community of Walker Creek, AR. This conservative, gun carrying, deer hunting, hog calling Christian loves Jesus and living in a small town. Jeffery and his wife Amanda have three children. His conservative views, love for the Razorbacks, and honest transparency shape the content that freely flow from his co-host role in the Small Town Famous podcast.

Favorite Quote: "Shut your pie hole!"
-Jeffery Rogers


Chase Emerson

Chase comes from a Small Town in southwest Arkansas that ironically his ancestors help found. He grew up the youngest of 3 kids. His small town roots run deep. He’s always had an eye for the entertainment world and his goal is to make you laugh. Following an interest in History/Political Science, Chase graduated with a Bachelors degree from Southern Arkansas University and currently works in the public sector. Chase now married to his beautiful wife and has 3 kids (all daughters) of his own and wears many hats. Chase is a volunteer basketball coach, Dance Dad, podcaster, and enjoys sports and playing guitar.

Favorite Quote: "I’ve been fired from better jobs than this."