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Episode 2 - Bob Smiley - Small Town Roots, Geriatric Heckling, Greatest Snapchat Name Ever

Bob Smiley - Small Town Roots, Geriatric Heckling, Greatest Snapchat Name Ever
October 14, 2016
Comedian Bob Smiley joins Alan on our Small Town Famousâ„¢ podcast via phone from the tour bus of his good friend, comedian Tim Hawkins. And believe me, you can tell he's on a bus! (That's just the way Bob pun intended). He was heading back home after a week of performances. Bob and Alan cover many subjects, such as Bob's hometown (he grew up in Era, TX, population 298), how he got his big break, being sweetly heckled in a nursing home, turning personal trials into triumph after his recent divorce. He uses his comedy as a platform to share the Gospel with thousands of people every year. Again, pardon the audio...he IS on a tour bus! Not bad, Mr. Smiley. Not bad at all.

Check out Bob's upcoming shows and much more at

Twitter: @bobsmileycomic

Facebook: bobsmileycomedy
Instagram: bobsmileycomic
Snapchat: bobsnapperchat

Folks Mentioned:
Tim Hawkins
Twitter: @timhawkinscomic

Chris "Freight" Mabrey
Twitter: @ChrisMabrey

Caleb Mabrey
Twitter: @MalebCabrey

Michael, Jr
Twitter: @Michaeljrcomedy

Twitter: @OCSupertones

Clay Crosse
Twitter: @claycrosse

Twitter: @newsboys

Other Stuff Mentioned:
Abilene Christian College

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Episode 1 - Glen "The Real Deal" Knight, missionary - The Philippines, The "New Somalia", Angel In The Blue Shirt

October 5, 2016
Alan and Jordan spend a few minutes with Glen Knight, a missionary to the Philippines. He was in town and graciously took time to stop by the house, have some pie, and talk about his journeys. He grew up in South Arkansas, but eventually found himself living on a boat (that he designed and built), along with his family. Constantly moving, for various reasons, not the least of which is the dangers of piracy that have overtaken that areas, sailing the waters surrounding the Philippines. The area he ministers to has recently been dubbed "The New Somalia". He's joined by his step-son, Justin, who "aint from around here." (He's from South Africa). Glen tells us some stories that you will find fascinating.


Episode 0 - What Is Small Town Famous About?

What Is Small Town Famous About?
September 16, 2016
In this episode, Alan, BJ, and Jordan discuss why we started the podcast. We get to hear some cool teasers about our first official guest, co-host BJ, who just got off the road touring with Country music star, Craig Morgan. And, we discuss what our goals are for our show: to connect with everyone who can relate to small town life.

We are joined by our first "guest co-host", Jeffrey, who is the stereotypical Small Town citizen. An Arkansas Razorback cheer'n, Pharisee-judge'n, hard work' buddy of ours.

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